lördag 15 maj 2010

Winter hat

This was fun to spin and knit, and may the winter come :) Kasper is not very pleased, because he's being punished by wearing my hat because he was chasing one of our cats, the old Miranda, who had to climb high up in the barn. In his eye you can see the "angry" mistress taking the photo.

I spun the yarn and knit the hat in a Spin- and Knitalong in Ravelry's Spinning in Sweden group. The fibers have been chosen and carded by Ingrid in Sweden, and came to me in a SWAP. Mohair, merino, silk, silk noils, Swedish wool, a very nice mix of fibers, easy to draft and spin on my Spindlewood into an uneven, thick yarn. I knit with needles EU 6 (US 10) in a pattern I improvised while knitting. I'm very pleased!