fredag 27 januari 2012

My fiber studies

For those of you who are interested in my fiber studies:

I'm spinning for the Online Guild's Certificate of Achievement, not every day but still several times a week. I can't show what I'm doing, because my work has to be anonymous when the assessment takes place, and that will be about 18 months from now.

But I'm spinning other yarns too, and those I will show in my blog, only not so often as earlier.

torsdag 19 januari 2012

Gold part 2

The two batts I showed yesterday became a glittering varm golden brown yarn:

onsdag 18 januari 2012


Ingrid from Sweden gave me two small batts:
They are lovely! Draft like water. There's a lot of golden glitter in them, and the colors are beautiful. I only have to finish the skein tomorrow.

fredag 13 januari 2012

Blue cardigan - again

I bought two cones of blue Jumper Weight Shetland yarn from Jamieson & Smith a year ago. It wants to become a cardigan. I found a nice lace pattern in Barbara G. Walker's "Charted Knitting Designs 3":

With my usual knitting speed I think it will be finished next year...

torsdag 12 januari 2012

January pink

Walking the dog in January can be an aesthetic pleasure. I'm sorry I can't send you the lovely smell of cold and snow in the air, and the petrol (or whatever they use) from the snow mobile.
The sun is setting behind the trees surrounding our house.

Dramatic skye above the neighbors' houses.

Kasper's claws are far too long, have to do something about that. They don't wear down in the soft snow.

What's that on the field? Shall I bark at it?

It's a neighbor's father making the base for a skiing track with his snow mobile.

Our house looks like something from a postcard. Maybe I should print a postcard from that photo, the sign sticks for the plow tractor are nice. The track going left is the base for a skiing track. Hubby loves that!

Earlier in the day Kasper was out in a snow fall. See how good his isolation is? The snow took some time to melt.

onsdag 11 januari 2012

Keep the Blues Away

I have been spinning. There's a SAL in Ravelry group Spinning in Sweden now in January, and before that we had a Tour during Tour de Ski. Here's some of the yarns I've spun so far:

A 2+2 cabled yarn, fiber from

A slub yarn, fiber from MallaC and an unknown source:

A tweed yarn I will finish in the SAL. Red Finull dyed by Renee Darley at Ullaffären, scraps from my stash, silk waste:
So, busy as usual :) I'm also spinning a silk yarn on my tiniest Turkish spindle, and knitting a sweater, and carding some tops together into something pink.