måndag 28 maj 2012

About my Minispinner: Please try again!

Could the person who asked me about my Minispinner a couple of days ago try again as there's something fuzzy about publishing and answering to the comment.

fredag 25 maj 2012

Finull and Finnwool

I bought some gorgeous wool from Estonia. It's Finull from Ulles awesome sheep (see here: Vana-Olevi). Notice "gorgeous" and "awesome"? :) I don't know how to describe the wool otherwise. Look:

White, brown and black Finull, and on top of it an Ouessant sample

A closer look at the scoured brown wool:

And the raw black wool with the incredible crimp:

I have been thinking I won't scour the white wool, but will wash a sample and see how it behaves. I have never seen so clean wool before. It's winter wool! It should be felted and foul, but it's open and airy, a joy to kindly pat. It would be a shame to make it felt by washing it.

I'll start working with these wools next week. I have a few more orange Finnwool batts to card. This particular Finnwool is also of a gorgeous quality, but I'm not allowed to tell where I got it. It's rare nowadays. This is the wool I dyed some weeks ago and showed here: acid dyed Finnwool drying.

I have a plan. I'll spin the Finull and the Finnwool into yarns I can use together in a sweater. Please be patient with me, it'll take some time.

Finull and Finnwool? Yes, two different breeds from two different countries. Finull is a Swedish sheep with fine wool (that's what the name says, Fine Wool, Finull). Finnwool comes from my countries national breed, Finnsheep. The wool is fine and lustrous.

I find it very typical for our times to spin Swedish wool from Estonia in Finland. I love the thought of it.

I have finished a yarn, even if most of my time is spent on silk. I have a long time project going, ready to show next summer if all goes as planned. But here's the bobbins' ends wool yarn I plied earlier this week:

I had to empty my storage bobbins because there was no empty ones any more so I plied some of them into a 3-ply. That's why the yarn is so uneven. There are thin threads with much twist and thicker ones with less twist, spun on both spinning wheel and spindle. It'll be a nice purse.

lördag 19 maj 2012


I'm teasing wool today. This is the Finnwool I acid dyed a few weeks ago.

torsdag 17 maj 2012

Spinning with children

Yesterday I spun at the crafts village Stundars just outside Vasa (Vaasa in Finnish): Stundars. We where 29 craft persons and about 200 school children having fun together. I spun on Louet Victoria, my "Peerie":

According to the rules of the museum I should spin on one of Stundars' old wheels, only my right ancle won't take that any more, so I may use Peerie. But my apron from Woolfest 2011 isn't quite accepted...

I shared a small cottage with two others. A lady knitting and crocheting the awesome Korsnäs sweater, purses, hats and mittens:

And her brother in law making beautiful things from birch bark:

My pupils made yarn with twisty sticks:

Someone had showed them how to make rope:

It was so fun! We where served coffee and the famous "grisar", a kind of donut in the shape of a pig with jam inside it. And after working for three hours it was time for the standard lunch for crafters, sausages and potato salad. Yummy!

lördag 12 maj 2012


Have a look at one of the most awesome sheep in the world.


They look wonderful, and they are wonderful: Herdwick sheep. I have half a fleece to spin this year, given to me by Sarah Jane

My blue battery

I bought a blue battery from China. I think I like it very much. At least I have liked it since this morning. I can spin for about 12 hours, then I have to recharge for about 2 hours. Handy? Yes. And it looks nice. I'm spinning blue tussah silk.

onsdag 2 maj 2012

I made a yarn ball

Yesterday evening I made a yarn ball. Now I can start knitting my Shipwreck shawl.

Kasper in bed on hubby's arm

Happily sleeping away while hubby's reading aloud for me