fredag 22 februari 2013

Friday Studios' Fiber Club "Mountain"

Frida announced a fiber club this spring, and I couldn't resist that. I think she's a fabulous dyer. The theme for the club is "Mountains", exciting enough. I love the colors of this first roving, called "Mount Everest". Blue skies with white clouds, white snow, grey rock, yellow tents. Fibers: Shetland and silk. The plate is made by an amateur ceramist who's name I sorry to say I don't know. Hubby and I found it at a fair in Vasa last year.

Frida's site: Friday Studios. I'm afraid the club is sold out, but keep an eye on the site, because I don't think this will be the last club.

torsdag 21 februari 2013

Oh wow cardigan!

Finally! I digged into my stash of handspun yarns and knitted a cardigan! Jon Dunn-Ballam Easyknits has dyed all fibers except the lilac, and he's also knitted the blue/green yarn. I'm very pleased with this cardi. It's heavy, but it's very comfortable. As always, I didn't have a pattern, I just started knitting and guessed what I had to do on the road. And, as usual, I underestimated my bum... but that's easy to solve with strips at the sides :) I wanted big pockets for phone, spindle, keys, and other necessary things.

söndag 17 februari 2013

Finn Corriedale Border Leicester

Some time ago I showed a lovely wool sample: Finn-Corriedale-Border Leicester. Here's the small skein I spun:

Louet Victoria (singles) and Hansen Minispinner (plying)
WPI in 2-ply: 26

                                  My cute WPI gauge, made by a spinning friend on Ravelry

The handle was clearly different than Finn or Corriedale. It has a clear longwool character, but not like Border Leicester. The wool felt more like a young Cotswold. Stiff in a way you wouldn't expect from so fine and soft wool, but not in an unpleasant way. It's very white, the yellowish in the photo of the skein comes from the lamps.

I like this wool a lot. It can be used for several techniques like weaving, knitting, crochet.