torsdag 28 juni 2012

Translation and tags - Übersetzung und Tags

Guten Morgen! Danke to Kreativa in Germany! I have added a translation gadget to the side bar. I didn't know there was one, it's too long since I looked at gadgets. I also added tags I have used and they are far too many :(

It's a grey and chilly morning here in western Finland. So I'm carding some rolags just for fun:

Two Merino tops I didn't like very much marries very well together with sari silk and and a bag of "Wild Fibre Blends for Wild Carding" from Wingham Woolworks.

onsdag 27 juni 2012

Am I enjoying life?

The light brown Estonian Finull from Ülle at Vana-Olevi is carded:

I've said it before, and I say it again: lovely wool!

I have been spinning and even finished some yarn:

This is the Finnwool  I dyed and carded earlier, and to the right two blue-violet skeins of Cheviot.

And I've started combing Swedish Leicester:

Long, strong and lustrous. I think I'll dye the finished yarn. At least I'll spin it during Tour de Fleece.

So what do you think? Do I enjoy life? :)

lördag 23 juni 2012

Carding - one week to Tour de Fleece

Tour de Fleece starts June 30. I'm carding. I'll comb. I'll wash fleece. Preparing wool for spinning is just as nice as spinning.

Tour de Fleece? Log on to Ravelry and search for the group Tour de Fleece. There are lots and lots of teams in this parallel event to Tour de France. The group has more than 5100 members today, and more will join during the following week.

If you're a spinner, join! It's fun!

fredag 22 juni 2012

Midsommer's Eve

             This is where Finns and Swedes want to be on Midsummer: by the sea or a lake

Trevlig midsommar! Hauskaa juhannusta! Happy Midsummer!

Midsommarafton, Juhannusaatto, Midsommer's Eve, is a fiest in Finland and Sweden. In Denmark and Norway it's called Sankthans Aften. The tradition of greeting the sun comes from ancient times. Read more in Wikipedia: Midsummer.

I would like to be in Cockermouth today. It's Woolfest! I was there last year and I loved it. But as I can't be there, I show you two Finnish crafters.

Ulla Björk is a potter I've followed and admired for years. A couple a weeks ago I saw some of her works at a fair. Site: Ulla Björk

 This is Doris Bengs, a skilful decorative painter, and her mother. Site: Topparsbacken

The small fair in Köklot is one of many held in Finland during the summer. We love going there because it's by the sea, and the salmon soup is delicious.

torsdag 7 juni 2012

The crane bird and the cat

Crane bird and a cat in the field one morning. Later two magpies came to see what's going on. Something in the ditch - the cat went down there and later walked away. It didn't mind the crane bird but was clearly disturbed by the magpies. If you've seen cats and magpies together you understand why :)