fredag 22 juni 2012

Midsommer's Eve

             This is where Finns and Swedes want to be on Midsummer: by the sea or a lake

Trevlig midsommar! Hauskaa juhannusta! Happy Midsummer!

Midsommarafton, Juhannusaatto, Midsommer's Eve, is a fiest in Finland and Sweden. In Denmark and Norway it's called Sankthans Aften. The tradition of greeting the sun comes from ancient times. Read more in Wikipedia: Midsummer.

I would like to be in Cockermouth today. It's Woolfest! I was there last year and I loved it. But as I can't be there, I show you two Finnish crafters.

Ulla Björk is a potter I've followed and admired for years. A couple a weeks ago I saw some of her works at a fair. Site: Ulla Björk

 This is Doris Bengs, a skilful decorative painter, and her mother. Site: Topparsbacken

The small fair in Köklot is one of many held in Finland during the summer. We love going there because it's by the sea, and the salmon soup is delicious.

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