onsdag 11 januari 2012

Keep the Blues Away

I have been spinning. There's a SAL in Ravelry group Spinning in Sweden now in January, and before that we had a Tour during Tour de Ski. Here's some of the yarns I've spun so far:

A 2+2 cabled yarn, fiber from Easyknits.co.uk:

A slub yarn, fiber from MallaC and an unknown source:

A tweed yarn I will finish in the SAL. Red Finull dyed by Renee Darley at Ullaffären, scraps from my stash, silk waste:
So, busy as usual :) I'm also spinning a silk yarn on my tiniest Turkish spindle, and knitting a sweater, and carding some tops together into something pink.

5 kommentarer:

  1. You always make such beautiful yarns. I hope to (someday) be able to spin as well as you do! Love the cabled yarn!

  2. Thanks dear :) And you will! In fact, you do already.

  3. I love all of your yarns, now especially the red tweed one. Can you tell me how many % is the silk waste in the batt? I'd like to spin a tweed yarn too. The cabled yarn is fantastic!

  4. Thanks :) Maybe 5% silk waste, I didn't weigh it so I don't know. Not much anyway. Much of the neps are wool as the red wool was a bit felted, and the white neps are waste from combing Shetland.

  5. Oh, I thought the white neps are silk... I've never could spin such nice tweed yarn as yours. I blended too much or too less of the second color and neps, this is why I asked about the ratio. Yours is beautiful! Thanks for the idea.