torsdag 12 januari 2012

January pink

Walking the dog in January can be an aesthetic pleasure. I'm sorry I can't send you the lovely smell of cold and snow in the air, and the petrol (or whatever they use) from the snow mobile.
The sun is setting behind the trees surrounding our house.

Dramatic skye above the neighbors' houses.

Kasper's claws are far too long, have to do something about that. They don't wear down in the soft snow.

What's that on the field? Shall I bark at it?

It's a neighbor's father making the base for a skiing track with his snow mobile.

Our house looks like something from a postcard. Maybe I should print a postcard from that photo, the sign sticks for the plow tractor are nice. The track going left is the base for a skiing track. Hubby loves that!

Earlier in the day Kasper was out in a snow fall. See how good his isolation is? The snow took some time to melt.

3 kommentarer:

  1. The light in those photos was just amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Villa fantastiska bilder!! Vintern hos dig ser idyllisk ut.

  3. Ihania kuvia - tulee ikava Suomen talvia ja talven vareja!

    Lovely photos - they make me miss Finnish winters and their special colours!