måndag 4 juli 2011

Tour de Fleece has started, and Yes, I had a wonderful trip to England

I have been very busy the last two weeks, I'll try to catch up here in a near future. Just saying that my trip to England together with Malin to see Sarah was wonderful, and Woolfest was wonderful too!
A kind and gentle Ryeland ram
An accelerated wheel from Woodland Turnery
Lake District... oh my

Yes, I did some shopping. Here is a spindle I fell in love with:
A rim weighted top whorl from IST Crafts
And Tour de Fleece, the biggest yearly spinning event started on Saturday, July 2. I am in three teams on Ravelry, so I spin three different yarns every day. Here are the yarns I spin in Team Bosworth and Team Nordic Spinners:
White Shetland for lace, variegated Merino on the Bossie
Sarah had filled a bag with awesome gifts for Malin and me. Some I have eaten, some I have been saying ooh and aah about, and this I started using today:
Jumper dryer, perfect for small amounts of washed fleece

My third yarn in the tour will be a sample of East Friesian, now drying on Sarah's great gift. Thanks Sarah!

Back to spinning. See you later :)