lördag 9 juli 2011

A hot day in London

One day during my trip to UK Sarah, Malin and me went to London to see Jon who had kindly invited us to his home and his studio: EasyKnits.

But first we went to Camden Market. That was fun!

Then we went to Jon. He is a smart man, he served Pimm's and yummy muffins baked by his husband before letting us into his dyeing studio :) It was a very hot day, so what could be better than a refreshing drink?

And then we went upstairs to have a look at the yarns and fibers. Oh THAT was fun!
Jon dyes both semi solids and space dyed fibers and yarns, so full of color. The quality is very good, I love working with them. The skeins hanging to dry is the first glimpse of Jon's new colorway Deeply Wicked that he'll intruduce at KnitNation in London next week. He makes his sock rolls himself, starting by knitting them on one of his machines, then dyeing them. They make really nice socks and shawls.

The beautiful Orbit shawl is on my list of shawls to knit. You find the pattern through Jon's shop on Ravelry. On EasyKnit's site you find more shawls, designed by the ingenious Marleen from Dutch Knitting Design.

Here are some of my purchases and on top of them the wonders Jon gave me as a gift. Thank you Jon!

Then we had more Pimm's and muffins, and I tried Jon's spinning wheel, an impressive Mach II.  The wheel is too big for me, but Malin seemed to be happy with it. I didn't take any photos, but you can find Mach wheels here: Spinolution.

Sarah's husband met up with us at Oxford Street, and as it was a really hot day we decided to eat in a Korean restaurant where they cooked some of the meals at the table :)

Chris bought us desert to eat in the train on our way home. Yes, I was tired. And happy!