lördag 16 juli 2011


Woolfest in Cockermouth, UK was fun. See, four happy fiber freaks waiting to go in and start the raid:
Barbro, Tini, Sarah, Malin

Have a look at the shawls we all wear: Sarah made them for us, each in the colors we love. They are just perfect!

First we went to the fleece tables. I found my fleece at once. It's a Cotswold/Shetland cross fleece, coal black, long stapled and absolutely awesome. I'll show it when I start working with it.
Part of the fleece tables
There were sheep, angora goats, alpacas. I planned to go back to look at the animals next day, but I didn't have time so I only show two Black Welsh Mountain sheep.

I saw a lot of spinning wheels.

Malin and I tried the new Schacht Sidekick:

I saw a spindle that was new to me, a big, heavy bottom whorl you can rest on the floor:

I bought some fibers and yarns, but not very much as we were going to visit Jon Dunn of EasyKnits the next week. I bought a few spindles and other equipment, and gifts for fiber people. I got a HUGE t-shirt, and a spinning apron with the Woolfest 2011 logo. Still I had difficulties in finding my bed:

We hade a few very exciting road trips in the Lake District. The roads are, well, scaring. Sarah is the best driver I've ever seen, so it made the trips much less frightening than they could have been. Norwegian roads are child's play compared to the narrow, winding roads with stone walls on both sides. The landscape is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Open hill landscape, woods, gardens, sheep, stone walls, stone houses, iron work... I can't stop admiring the stone walls and all the work and skill put into them.

Yes, we did have time for a beer and the fish and chips you just have to eat in UK.

I liked Woolfest a lot. It's not big, but it's certainly beautiful. Nice vendors, and a lot of them in a small hall. If you take your time you can scan the booths without having to struggle even if the place is crowded. I saw many of the vendors I use to look at on the internet, and that is very useful.

Now have a look at the big Merino fleece that Sarah, Tini and Malin bought. Under the dirt ther is a white, soft, crimpy fleece:

Then it was time to pack, take Tini to the airport and for the rest of us to go on to other adventures.


 Breakfast on the road