tisdag 19 juli 2011

Knitting in the library

This is a knitter's paradise: Knitting Reference Library. Sarah had contacted the staff and asked permission for us to visit it, and so Sarah, Malin and I were let into the library to have a look at the treasures. For me it was like coming home. I have spent about forty years in libraries. A library with this kind of collections must be one of the best places on earth for a fiber freak librarian. Thank you Sarah!

I liked this work of art on one of the walls in the campus (no, the tree isn't a part of the work):

We spent three hours in the library. In that time I only had time to look at a few magazines and books. We were pretty tired after seeing so many knitting and crocheting instructions, at least I couldn't have taken in any more. The photos show garments beginning with the 30s and ending with Elizabeth Zimmerman's Wool Gathering.

I didn't take photos of the oldest patterns in Richard Rutt's collection, because you can see them online on the library's site. That's a service to be thankful for! Because it's a reference library you may not borrow the books.
Feel a bit cold? Do you like to knit lace? An idea for a Christmas present!
The pi-shawl can be crocheted also.
When did you last see an angora bolero?? :)
This is Richard Rutt's collection. The boxes are full of knitting instructions from many, many years. There are quite a few of us waiting for a new edition of Rutt's knitting history.
Look at the illustrations above. Are there anyone else than me who would like to see close ups of knitting patterns? Nowadays you have to find out what the knitting is supposed to look like from blurry art photos and charts (yes, I love charts, but I still want close ups).
Here are a few of Elizabeth Zimmerman's now classic leaflets, full of ingenious knitting. Wish I had them all.

The library has books and magazines mostly in English, but there are also a few books in other languages. Now I know where to send my own textile library if I ever want to get rid of it.

As ususal we were hungry after our adventure. A gourmet dinner in the car:
No, this wasn't all I had to eat that day. Have I mentioned that Sarah's husband is a very good cook? He cooked a delicious dinner for us every night we stayed in his and Sarah's home.