tisdag 21 juni 2011

The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook

Oh how I have been waiting for this book! I pre-ordered it from Amazon in January, and they promised to ship it i June. Then they changed the shipping date once, and then once again, so I canceled it and turned to Book Depository. They shipped it at once :)

I haven't had time to read the book yet, but I have looked through it. It's a beautiful book. Clear and interesting lay out, very good paper, easy to read (I don't know what the font is, but it's beautiful and clear). I love the photos. I don't know if you've read Deb's blog, but I read the postings about the photo sessions with great interest. You can almost touch the fibers, yarns and swatches.

I do believe the text is as good and informative as the photos. I already know this will be my new fiber and sheep reference book.

I'm off to UK to see Sarah, Malin and Tini, and probably Chris too, so see you after that adventure! Will be back next Thursday. Hubby stays home with the dog, hopefully taking care of the flowers :)