lördag 11 juni 2011

I'm still here, but the weather has knocked me down

A week ago hubby and me went north. We had salmon soup at the Kukkola Rapid in the very northest part of the Baltic Sea.

We were very close to Ikea (see the sign in the middle of the pic?), but we couldn't cross the border to Sweden because of this:

Dogs may not cross the border between Finland and Sweden without an EU passport, and Kasper didn't have one.

I met a nice old cat. Yes, it's a she, and she was very occupied with her fur like all decent women.
She was also very interested in my camera.
She travels from Germany to Finland and back again every summer. She's a globe trotter. In the summers she's a hunter, she spends much of her time outdoors in the bright northern summer nights.
At home the garden had exploded with weeds. And I was a bit tired :)
It's been so hot the last week. That's not the weather that makes me feel good. I like a cool, friendly weather.