tisdag 28 december 2010

Double Fun Sox

Leena Siikaniemi is fond of double knitting, and now I understand why. Her pattern Doublefun in the book Think Outside the Sox is really fun to knit. I can see lots and lots of potential in this pattern. Leena has used 3-4 colors in her socks, I have only two. On her Ravelry pages you can see more of her beautiful graphic patterns. Search in Patterns for Doublefun and you'll find her.

Leena has used one of my favorite yarns in her long socks, but that yarn is nowadays very difficult to buy. It's a designer yarn from Maisa Tikkanen, a Finnish felter, spun at Pirtin Kehräämö. I don't have enough of it in my stash for a pair of socks anymore. I like thin socks I can wear in my trainers, so I chose Cascade Heather for my first pair of Doublefun Ankle Socks.

The finer yarn forces me to change the amount of stitches and rows in the patterns. The heel will be really interesting to figure out. I'll tell you more when I get that far. Remember, I knit and spin many garments and yarns all the time, so finishing one particular project isn't a hasty business. Have patience!

Intarsia with two colors "in the round" is easy in doubleknitting. You knit in the round in flat knitting technique, if that makes any sense. As I use a circular needle, I have only one needle to struggle with. Neat!