tisdag 28 december 2010

Double Fun Heel, Oh Yeah! = Triple Fun

Doubleknitting a two-color intarsia in the round is faster than knitting the usual way once you get used to it. Intarsia in the round is boring if you have to turn the knitting every second row and knit from the wrong side . But I can't read books and doubleknit at the same time, so I have to listen to audio books. That's nice if you like the way and voice of the reader. If not, it's a pest.

I have reached and conquered the critical point: the heel. I have knitted a couple of different short row heels earlier, especially on my knitting machine, so I thought I'd manage this one too. I'm not particularly good at maths, so I used eyesight when deciding how many stitches I needed for the heel vs the instep. I like a deep heel, so I took a few more stitches for the heel. On Ravelry I write down what I'm doing, because I want another sock in the same size :)

Leena would have helped me if I'd got lost. She's a teacher, she knows how to lead lost knitters back on the trail. "Remember to tighten the stitches" she advised me on Ravelry, so I tightened, and tightened, and this fantastic yarn didn't break. Cascade Heather. And look, it's a heel!