fredag 17 september 2010

Bosnian crochet

The magazine Crochet Insider is exploring Bosnian crochet in Central Asia: Adventure Begins. I'm very excited about this journey, as it will tell me more about the crochet technique that I have come to be fond of. I'm eagerly waiting for more about Bosnian crochet from the editor, but meanwhile it's interesting to read about her travels. Usbek, Samarkand, Bukhara, all are places I want to visit. For me, they are the places of sagas, adventure, textiles, the Silk Road. The roots for much of what I'm doing.

 I have also purchased a new crochet hook from Joel:
Joel's hook
This hook is perfect for my hand. I can see and feel the use it has been through while it was a spoon, and I can admire the wish to make something beautiful that the craftsman must have felt when he designed the spoon.

On top of it is the excellent workmanship of the crochet hook. OK, you can take a spoon or a knife or a fork and you make a hook of it. But you have to know the slip stitch crochet technique and the yarns used to make the angle of the hook perfect. Joel knows, because he is a crocheter himself. So I am grateful. Thank you Joel, once more!

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