onsdag 17 februari 2010

Ravelympics Part 3

I now have 3 skeins Jacobyarn hanging to dry. The yarn is the most lofty I have ever spun. If I can get Jacob without kemp, I'll buy it! This is a very nice fiber to spin. When the yarn is dry, I'll knit a first swatch.

I have also thought a lot about my daughter-in-law, who is in Morocco for post graduate studies at a university. I hope she'll get to see spinners and weavers while she is there, even if that is not what she's intersted in. Look at these women spinning and weaving. The supported drop spindles can take a lot of yarn. My back starts aching when I look at these skilful women, and my heart aches when I think about all the beautiful work they do for nothing. Someone raise the sheep too, shear the wool, and clean it before the spinners can start preparing and spinning the wool. The yarn has to be dyed, too. The amount of work in handspun and woven carpets is unbelievable.

Look at the warp: it's a very even and strong yarn. I wish I could spin like that. It's very different from my Jacobyarn, that is a knitting yarn for lofty outdoor use.