söndag 14 februari 2010

Ravelympics 2010 Part 2

I have now spun 50 grams of jacobwool. I found that predrafting the sliver helps a lot. I spin with an English longdraw. The fibers come out quite easily, even if I have to use my left hand once in a while to smoothen the yarn. When the the fibers come out i lumps, I make a double draw. These coarse fibers are well carded. They are easy to spin, but I don't like the great amount of kemp. I don't know if that is normal for Jacob. Anyway, the yarn would be fine for a woven blanket. Maybe I have to start weaving again :)

There is a lot of air in the yarn. My bobbins normally take 100-110 grams of yarn, but this is only 50 grams: