tisdag 27 september 2011

Yes, I do knit. No, I don't spin

I'm knitting a cardigan so I can go out without feeling badly dressed.
I like domino squares very much. I started knitting domino many years ago, when Vivian Hoxbro published her first book. I have met her twice. I took a class for her about ten years ago, and last year we traveled in the same group in Shetland. This is from an exhibition in Vaasa last year:

Miriam, Mardette, a working collie, and Vivian in Shetland:

Look at Vivian's fantastic knitting here: Vivian Höxbro

I don't spin for the moment because I'm busy knitting and carding. I carded the Herdwick fleece Sarah gave me last year:
I won't spin it until next year, because I have a lot of other fibers to spin first. There's a lot of kemp in it, but also very soft fibers. Interesting :) Herdwick sheep in Lake District, UK:
I'll write about them when I do my fiber study, but I asure you they are very interesting sheep. The lambs are born black and turn into a lovely gray when they grow up.