måndag 12 september 2011


Hubby, me and the dog went for a short trip to Lapland. I'll show you some photos.

Wooden cattle next to the church in Suomussalmi. This cow is being milked by a lady with a bucket

Installation in a field in Suomussalmi: Hiljainen kansa - The Silent People by dancer, choreographer and performance artist Reijo Kela. The Silent People will be dressed in winter clothes in the autumn.
Walking among the man high, almost one thousand "scarecrows" is a magical experience

We slept in cheap log cabins by two of the hundreds of Lapland's lakes. Wall decorations in two of the cabins:
Yes, that's The Abduction from the Seraglio", and to the left a statue of Shiva...
Hm, that's a very interesting frame :)

The sunsets where very beautiful. We had a sunny weather most of the time, there were no midges or mosquitos, and the trees, bushes and under vegetation was turning into all the colors you can imagine.

Kuusamo is a landscape with lots of possibilities for fishing. We didn't fish, but I want to show a small part of one of the walls in a wild life shop, Kuusamon Uistin. I LOVE wild life shops!
We bought a knife set for handling fish. If the knife is as good as the Marttiini we bought 20 years ago I won't have to buy another one as long as I live: Marttiini Knives

As usual there were reindeer on the roads. They wander about this time of the year, soon the mating season will begin. This seems to be a family.

Pentik is a place I recommend very strongly. Anu Pentik who started the business has succeeded in engaging very talented ceramicists beside being a very good one herself. Together with her husband she has built a culture centre called Pentik-Mäki with studio, gallery, three museums and a wonderful shop in Posio, a small community in southern Lapland. Pentik have shops all over Finland and a few in Sweden and Norway. From their netshop they ship all over the world.

A couple of photos from the Old Times Museum at Pentik-Mäki:

And an interesting thing: a frame for quilting. I remember my grandma had one of these. To the right is a typical Finnish loom from earlier years.

Three of my favorite ceramicists represented in the Pentik Gallery:
 Pottery by Anu Pentik
Small bowls and shopping bags by Minna Niskakangas, and behind them big pots by Suku Park
Suku Park
 The Gallery
Pentik shop entrance

We went hiking in Oulanga Nature Park. The kind staff has built very nice roads in the park, and you may take the dog for a walk too.

We went to see the Kiutaköngäs rapid. It's as always very difficult to take good photos of fast running water in Lapland because the sun is so low, but here's a try:
Oulanka Kiutaköngäs

A small rowan had dressed up in nice colors. I love rowans, it's one of "my" trees. Later in the autumn it will be a strong orange, but I think this mild color is so tender and beautiful.
The last photo shows a shy goat in our last overnight place, an old school where a young couple lives on the ground floor and lets rooms in the rest of the building. Cheap, clean, a big bedroom and a huge bath room, our own kitchen. Horses, cats and a few goats. Not far away from many of the places we want to visit, so we'll come back.