onsdag 14 september 2011

Hannu Hautala, photographer

When hubby and I traveled in northern Finland last week we visited the Hannu Hautala Gallery in Kuusamo: Hannu Hautala Gallery. Hannu Hautala is one of Finland's most nenowed nature photographers with a long and successful career. This was the first time I've seen his photographs in real life. It was impressive, both the photos and the gallery. Hannu is the nestor of Finnish nature photography, and I think all Finns taking pics outdoors have learned something from him. He has frequently shown his work on TV, and as we are a reading nation, we have seen at least some of his many books.

The light in the gallery was excellent, as you can expect from a gallery built for showing photos. Hannu collects owly items, I liked the sea shell owl and it's babies.

In the showroom you can see some of Hannus best photos in a large scale, and listen to him telling the story of his life. There is also a big light board with Hannu's photos. Upstairs is a play room for children. There is a café and a shop, and changing exhibitions. If you want to look at Hannu's photos, please use the link above.