fredag 16 september 2011

Kierikki Stone Age Village

This is a place both hubby and me love, and Kasper too: Kierikki Stone Age Centre

When we visited it last week the archaeologists were just finishing the excavating for this year. They didn't find anything in that spot, but they have found bone and stone items earlier. This is a fascinating place. There is now a re-constructed stone age village with items made in the same way as thousands of years ago.

And here's what hubby, me and Kasper saw on our visit:

There's also an impressive research building with museum, shop and restaurant, and close by an apartment hotel (not shown here):
You need a whole day, maybe two, to see the whole area. I show only one photo from the hunting area, the bird trap that looks like a cage. There are traps for most of the game there was during the stone age in northern Ostrobotnia.