söndag 7 augusti 2011

Spinning in public

Malin and I spun in a museum today. It's an outdoor museum with many attractions. We both had our modern spinning wheels today, because we wanted to show what spinning is today. In another house a lady showed how people spun around 1900. There was a fire in the open firerplace in our room. It's been raining the last week, so the fire made it more cozy.

In the same room as Malin and me was also a lady doing bobbin lace.  Here she's doing a corner.

In another house was a knitting friend of mine, Marianne Wasberg. She's a master in twoendknitting. Today she knitted a sock.

This is a Finnsheep lamb, very curious. It wanted to eat my camera.

Here is an owerview of a small part of the museum.
I didn't have time to look at the other crafters, but I saw a small knife made for a woman, and a pair of small scissors used by a young lady who's working with herbs. She gave me a recipe I'll try. Apple vinegar and what wild herbs you can find is put in a glass jar and is kept in the window for a couple of weeks. Then you sieve it and use it in food and dressings. It smelled delicious.