måndag 1 augusti 2011

Lazy kates and more

The local museum, a small village museum, has about 5000 textiles and lots of other objects like furniture and tools. This year's summer exhibition shows cabinets that were designed for corners, and lazy kates. The oldest kates are from the 1740s, like this one in the front:
Also have a look at the cabinet that has been displayed in the stove. There is no back part in it, and has never been. It was made like this, was hanged on the wall and the shelves were attached to the wall.

I find this kate very beautiful:

Kates like the three following are common in Finland. They were often made in leasure times as a proof of how skilled the man was, and often given as a gift to his coming wife.

I was quite astonished by the blue kate. Blue spinning wheels are common here, but I haven never seen a clear blue lazy kate before (maybe I haven't seen enough kates yet). The design is interesting too. It must be very good, standing upright even if you have a kinky yarn.

This is an interesting one:
There were several kates of this type at the exhibition:
I also want to show a cabinet from 1815, with beautiful fading flowers painted on it:
And this one, made 1840 and painted white and decorated around 1900:
It's been decorated with wallpaper and something that looks very much like a needle point pattern:
This is a bed made up as they did in the late 1800s:
And this is a view from one of the rooms, with a loom to the right and one of the cabinets in the corner:
I love that museum. It's so full of beautiful things. There is a wind mill, and a smithy that is still in use for teaching new blacksmiths the old art of transfering iron into beautiful things: