fredag 26 augusti 2011

Rainy day

Det regnar i dag - It's raining today.

My Schlumberga has been out all summer. Now she has moved closer to the stairs, she's coming in soon. But first I'll fix her a bit. She has a lot of debris amongst her branches, and spiders, and other living things with legs. The birds have pooed on her, shame on them. She has to take a real shower, not only sitting in the summer raing. She needs a bigger, sturdier pot, she's very heavy. I got her as a tiny branch from my mother's Schlumberga many years ago.

I the autumn she will explode in pink flowers.

I watched a documentary yesterday. It was about a man they call "Hästmannen", "The Horse Man", in Sweden where he lives. In the film he lived as they did a hundred years ago, only he had a radio in his house. He loves horses, he had three Ardenners, big working horses. He had a few cows also. Later he got ill and couldn't take care of the animals, so they took them away from him. Pics from the film:

There are so many eccentric people in our world. I so wish Hästmannen would be able to have at least one horse, but he really can't take care of them any more. Just look at the pic below where he's trying to harvest in a snow storm.
I finally bought this wonderful book, ten years later than I had planned. It's a treasure. See that sweater with the sheep? There must be all the varieties of Shetland sheep in it. Isn't that awesome? The book was edited by Deborah Robson.
Shetland Flock by Teresa Gardner. Eleven different yarns from nine sheep handspun in the natural colors of Shetland sheep.