torsdag 18 augusti 2011

British wool makes me happy

Four happy flowers with their fleeces at Woolfest in Cockermouth in June! I have blogged about that earlier so please look in the archive of July 2011 if you want to see more. I want to show this photo that Knit magazine kindly let us use:
 Barbro, Malin, Sarah, Tini. Sarah has taken off her scarf, but the rest of us wear the beautiful scarves she knitted for us

What more? I'm knitting a scarf from two of my handspun yarns and one commercial, Manos Lace:
That edging takes forever to knit. Kasper thinks it's interesting, but says "Another scarf?? OK, you only have about 20 scarves so why not?" He's a reasonable dog most of the time.

And I finally started a nålbindning project again. This is an Along in the Blacker & Beyond FFSB group on Ravelry to celebrate the group's first anniversary. I love nalbinding, so I have no idea why I do it so seldom. The yarn is gorgeous: it's Pure Castlemilk Moorit with Silk from The Natural Fibre Company. The mill spins small special yarns and this yarn is one of those. Sometimes they are one of a kind, so it's not always possible to get more. Buy enough from the start for your project! Here's the webshop: Blacker Yarns

It's a perfect yarn for nalbinding. The tight twist keeps the yarn together, and it's easy to pull through the loops.

OK, so my right thumb isn't very kind to me right now. I have to alter between techniques as not to stress it too much, so I started a BIG project: crocheted throws for our beds. I'll crochet two so I can wash them in the machine. I like this pattern I found in an old Swedish crochet book.