tisdag 1 mars 2011

Two Shawl Yarns and First Attic Yarn

I have been spinning lace yarn the last few weeks. I also spun the first Attic Yarn in blue, green and yellow. I got these wonderful tops from Sarah, all dyed by Jon Dunn, EasyKnits.

The lace yarns are spun from Ashford merino-silk sliver in the color "Pomegranate" (to the left), and in the middle merino-bamboo in the color "Blush" from Old Maiden Aunt Yarns. The First Attic Yarn I spun while reading an e-book. It's the first yarn I've spun almost entirely without looking at what I'm doing. The fiber was just right for that, not so fine and easy to draft. Today I started spinning the two tops in orange, green/turquoise and brown.

It's spring! The snow is coming down from our roof. I don't dare look, I think I'll save for hubby to shovel it away. That's a man's job, isn't it?