tisdag 8 mars 2011

Attic Yarn Number Two and Bog Yarn

I have spun all the orange-green-brown tops. I got three nice skeins. One of them is a bit thicker than the others: consistency, consistency, the very very difficult thing in handspinning... after all these years of spinning I still have to work on that. But I don't think it will show much in the modular pattern I have in mind.

Before I started spinning I had an idea I would use the Attic Yarns Number One and Two together with the lovely Bog Green, but I've changed my mind. They would not look good together, so I'll think of something else for the Attic Yarns.

So the next yarn from EasyKnits' attic treasure will be the Bog Green. It's slightly matted, but opens easily, so I will spin a thin 3-ply for a sweater or cardigan.
                           Top before and after predrafted

You can see how good the fibers are. Bad, matted fibers would not open like this. It's a joy to spin :) I keep thinking of it as meditation.