torsdag 29 november 2012

When friends' yarns meet

Sarah gave me one of Jon Dunn Ballam's (Easyknits) handspun yarns, and Ingrid (Ingrids funderingar) gave me one of hers. I think they make a perfect couple:

Left Jon's, right Ingrid's

I like the stitch markers, they're like gems in the knitting

When knitting easy things like this hat, I read while knitting. That's Jacey Bogg's Spin Art on the music stand. The tape? It keeps the book open! I would like one of those wire things you can buy for the same purpose, but I never seem to remember when visiting a shop that may have such necessary things.

If I button the cowl I can meet the autumn winds with confidence. The buttons were made by my grandmother a long time ago. I love them! And I do love this hat and cowl. Ingrid's yarn was spun aroung a core of metal wire, so both the hat and the cowl stay in shape besides being warm and soft. I don't know what finer Jon used, but it's also soft and lovely.

Thank you so much, Ingrid and Jon!

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  1. Such an interesting hat design and your cowl looks very warm. Lovely yarns...I will check out their links :-)

  2. wonderful blog, good handspunwork!
    bye from switzerland,

    my blog:

    1. Thank you, danke schön! You have a very nice blog too :)