måndag 5 november 2012


While waiting for Ingrid to find out about the wool she sent me, I show you a better photo of the wool I talked about in my blog post yesterday. I took staples from different parts of the fleeces, and as you can see the crimp varies a lot. Good Finull should have much crimp, and there are such staples in the fleeces. This wool is soft even as unscoured, it feels strong and nice. I'll tease and mix the different qualities, keeping the colors apart, in order to get a yarn of even quality.

Later: I have now gotten the answer to the question about what wool this is: it's Swedish Finull just like Ingrid (who sent me the wool) said. Conclusion: just like other sheep each individual Finullsheep has several types of wool in it's fleece.

If you have wool from several fleeces you can sort out the different types for different yarns and projects. If you have only one fleece you can mix the different types for a bigger project.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Barbro is that similar to any of the wool you sent me?

  2. I sent you Kainuun Harmas, the gray variety of Finnsheep. Finnsheep (aka Finnish Landrace aka Finn) and Swedish Finullsheep both belong to the North European Short Tailed sheep. Their wools can be quite similar, but Kainuun Harmas is a fursheep, so the wool feels slightly different, but I don't know why. Something to do with the scales, perhaps.

  3. Ja alla får inom en ras följer ju inte rasstandarden. Kan vara bra ull ändå även om den inte är likadan över hela fåret.

    Well, all sheep within a race don't follow the breed standard. The wool can be super anyway even if it doesn't look the same all over the sheep.