lördag 3 november 2012

Judith MacKenzie

Some of you have already heard about the fire that destroyd Judith MacKenzie's studio and her looms, wheels, textile samples, books, fibers, furniture, and all the other equipment and tools needed in a textile studio.

There is now a site where you can help: Rebuild Judiths Studio.

I highly value and admire Judith. Her knowledge about spinning, fibers, and textiles is amazing. Just as amazing is her ability to teach and to talk about these fundamental things. I mean, how would our lives be without fibers and textiles? People like Judith MacKenzie has done so much to spread knowledge and skills about textiles, not only how you make the thread textiles are made of, but also about textile history. She is successful in drawing strings to the past and connect people from ancient times with us and our textile world. I love the way she does it while spinning and showing what her skillful hands can do.

                                          My MacKenzie library

We're all happy that Judith was not in the studio when the fire started. It's now clear that the fire started in an electrical panel in the Rainforest Art Centre where Judith's studio was.

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  1. it's too bad. I hope, that she has enough insurance on her building to cover at least the rebuilding!

  2. The building was owned by the city of Forks, insured for $3.7 million. There was a theater and a grocery store, and Judith's studio.

  3. I seem to have your same Judith dvd library, plus her newest one called Three Bags Full (the name comes from a nursery rhyme)