torsdag 4 oktober 2012

Väv - Weave

So, all of you who want me to start weaving: I have come as far as to look at weaving again. I'll show some of the beautiful fabrics hubby and me saw at Nordiska museet in Stockholm last Sunday. The Weaving exhibition is now closed, but the museum has plenty of other things to see, so do visit it while in Stockholm.

The exhibition showed a cross section of traditional weaving in Sweden today. There is of course many artists working with weaving. You find their work in art galleries and public buildings.

I may show the photos with the kind permission of Nordiska museet.

Åkdyna (Travel cushion) by Kerstin Winther. Flamsk (Flemish weave). Linen and wool.

Åkdyna (Travel cushion) by Rebecka Winther. Flamsk (Flemish weave). Linen and wool.

Längd (Fabric length) by Kerstin Stenback. Munkabälte (Monk's belt). Cotton and wool.

Fälltäckesvåd (Sheepskin coverlet weave) by Hanna-Kristine Lindström. Plattväv (Platt weave, weft float patterning). Cotton and wool

Hängkläde (Hanging) by Inger Arnell. Oliksidig korskypert (Unbalanced Swedish cross twill). Cotton and wool. Löpare (Runner) by Britt-Marie Berggren. Treskaftskypert (Three shaft twill). Cotton and linen. Hängkläde (Hanging) by Brith Lindström. Oliksidig korskypert (Unbalanced Swedish cross twill). Cotton and wool.

I' sorry to say I forgot to take a photo of the labels for all except number 158, but I still want to show them. 158: Förlåt, draperi (Cover curtain) by Västmanlands läns hemslöjdsförbund (Västmanland County Handcraft Association). Halvkrabba (Halvkrabba). Linen and wool. These covers seem to be of older origin.

Duk (Tablecloth). Weaver Hans Thomsson, designer Helena Bengtsson. Damast (Damask). Linen.

Duk (Tablecloth) by Elsa Persson. Damast (Damask). Linen.

This was only a small section of the exhibition, my personal choices. There was also lots of looms and people weaving, some of them weaving really intricate fabrics. All this happened in the museum's impressive hall. You can see the exhibition area at the far end, with the market place in front of it, and to the right is the café I can fully recommend for lunch or a snack.

Tomorrow I'll show one of the weaver's working at her loom.

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