tisdag 2 oktober 2012

Christer Strömholm and Sally Mann

Hubby and me saw several exhibitions while in Stockholm. At Fotografiska museet we saw a comprehensive retrospective of Christer Strömholm's photos. I have wanted to see them in real life for years, so I was very happy to be able to actually see some of them. Read more about one of Sweden's finest and most interesting photographers here: Christer Strömholm.

After lunch at the highly recommendable restaurant at the museum, we went to see one of the other exhibitions. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. I was so impressed by Sally Mann that I still have difficulties remembering Strömholm's photos. Read about Sally Mann here. I can't remember I've ever seen so beautiful photos. This was also a retrospective, and I'm sorry to say you can't see it in Stockholm now, it's over. I liked everything, but was especially taken by the beautiful photos documenting Sally Mann's husband, death, and the landscapes.

Just to prove I was there: three snapshots with my phone in black rooms with strong spotlights making reflections.

Christer Strömholm's relaxed dog, one of my favorites from photo magazines.

Sally Mann's landscape. The light in this series of photos is beyond any description in words, not to talk about what a digital photo with a phone can show.

My husband and another visitor at the museum. It's a coincidense I didn't notice until I downloaded the photos to the computer: the dog and my hubby and the likeness of the composition. I must say I like my own photo also! Hubby was not aware of the camera, he's looking at a photo.

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