fredag 5 oktober 2012

Gerd Lindman Nilsson, Daldräll

Gerd Lindman Nilsson weaving daldräll on a four shaft loom at Nordiska museet in Stockholm.

Gerd has specialised in weaving beautiful, varied fabrics on a simple four shaft loom. This was the most common loom in the areas where dräll has been woven, Dalarna and Jämtland in Sweden, and Österbotten in Finland. Jämtlandsdräll and Österbottensdräll is called Crackle weave in the US. I haven't found an English term for Daldräll, maybe someone can help me?

The variations seem to be endless. Gerd has a site in Swedish, with many photos: Daldräll. She has also written a book, now out of stock, but she may have a copy to sell on her site.

In my childhood tablecloth woven in Österbottensdräll were used on solemn occasions, like Christmas, or a christening. My grandmother on my father's side was a skilled weaver, but most of her fabrics were inherited by my aunt so I don't have any of her tablecloths. What I mostly remember is that it was a nightmare for us children to sit at a table beautifully set with a handwoven cloth. I was and still am unable to eat or drink without spilling. Therefore I am thankful my sister saved her beadspread and gave it to hubby and me at our wedding. It's now displayed as a wall hanging, well away from the sun, in our house: Grandmother.

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