tisdag 19 april 2011


I took a weekend trip to Stockholm to see my son. We spent a lot of time in the underground. Here Jukka is waiting for the train while I'm trying not to loose him. He moved pretty fast when not sitting down... I was happy about my new shoes which I showed you in an earlier blog post.

We spent a lot of time in Moderna Museet, because my son was working during the weekend. He was playing the organ in a dance performance he had composed the music for. Here he's waiting for the performance to start. The audience has not yet arrived, so you can see the fantastic Andy Warhol wall:

There were three dancers moving their way along a pretty long and narrow corridor on a yellow carpet:
The choreographer was Helena Franzén, who also was one of the dancers. I liked both the performance and the corridor with the interesting light. The audience became part of the show because we were so close to the dancers and the musicians. The was a cello also, played by Mattias Helldén. People were moving all the time, going to the photo exhibitions in the other parts of the museum. It was interesting watching their reactions when they realized they were part of a performance. Go tip toe, try to be invisible, just walk on, or stay and watch?

Stockholm is a beautiful town, I suppose I don't have to stress that. Impressive buildings, water, boats. We took a sightseeing boat that took us under lots of bridges:
Food... we ate salads composed for hungry people...

... and tapas for hungry people:

Did I see anything fibery? Yes, we went to a yarn shop, Anntorps Väv. I bought three of the cones:

I saw spindle whorls and needles from the Chinese stone age in Östasiatiska Museet:

Jukka had booked a room for me in an awesome hotel in the Old Town. The place is loaded with antiquities, lots and lots of miniature ships and things related to seafare. This is the lobby in Hotel Lady Hamilton:

And this was my small and cosy room:
And the corridor on the second floor
It was a quiet hotel. I slept for eleven hours!

When I came home the snow had melted and the dog was the happiest dog on earth. Hubby had made  a reindeer dish for me!