onsdag 6 mars 2013

African Flowers in snow

I have crocheted a first blanket for my granddaughter! I love this pattern, African Flowers. It's easy to crochet, it's nice to crochet, it's fast to crochet. It also allows you to use almost any colors without fear of them starting to quarrel. You can use all your left over yarns, it doesn't even matter if they aren't exactly the same thickness.

Here it is in the snow, waiting for a snow shower.

Close up:

Snow shower:

This used to be a common means of cleaning woolen garments and other textiles in the old days. You put them in fresh snow for about half an hour, shake off the snow and take them in to dry flat. It cleans most of the dust and refreshens the fabric.

A good advice when crocheting things like this: fasten the threads as you go... I always do that, because the amount of threads can be quite overwhelming.

My dust bin filled with threads, the floor around it was also full of threads! And this is only a very small part of them.

I'm happy with this blanket. I hope the little lady will like it too!

What next? I'm already starting to think about a bigger blanket...