onsdag 5 september 2012

String for Kuchulu

My pretty little Kuchulu needs a new string for it's purse. I like making lucet cords when I'm tired or just relaxing. I can read or watch a movie while making cords.

My lucet is cherry wood, and the Kuchulu (from Jenkins Woodworking as you can see) is lilac and ebony. It weighs 11 grams, 0.39 oz. The shaft is 7,3 cm, whatever that's in inches. It's perfectly balanced and likes to spin silk, merino and other fine but not extremely short fibers, even if you could use it as a supported spindle. I have real supported spindles for that purpose, so the Kuchulu is used as Turkish spindles usually are, as a drop spindle. Yarn and fiber from Easyknits.

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