torsdag 23 augusti 2012


I was blessed with two packages yesterday. Sometimes when you open a package you just want to sit down in wonder. That's what happened yesterday. I went dumb.

First, my friend Sarah sent me a package from US in June. It never showed up, so we both started poking into it with no result other than apologies from the postal service in both countries. Then suddenly the package was returned to Sarah. It had been to France!

I want to show things of interest to you fiber people:

It seems as if Sarah thinks I should dye. She sent me Kool Aid that you can buy in Finland too, but it's absurdly expensive here so I'm really thankful for it. And egg colors! I didn't know there were egg colors. Of course she sent me a sheep for my flock :)

There was also something I've been wishing for but didn't know excisted: bobbin markers! Those will be very useful on my big WooleeWinder bobbins. The fabric wants to become an spinning apron, so that's what it'll be. I also got a big shopping bag with the same print on it, and a night gown with sheep. Sheepy things for a spinner!

Thank you so much Sarah!

The second package was a swap from Jody in Canada. Jody is a fabulous spinner. She likes to spin thin, and her skeins are a joy to look at. Wish I could touch them! You can see some of her yarns here: Gypsyspinner.

Now look:
Oh I wish you could hold these locks in your hands!
They are long.
They are fine.
They are soft. 
They are clean.
I have been spoiled with beautiful, wonderful wool this year.
From top down: greyish Cormo and black Cormo, Gotland cross and Finnsheep. The staples measure 7 to 15 cm.

The Cormo is from Carlotte Epley's sheep: Cormo24-7. I never thought I could hold some of that wool in my hands! The Finn is from Jody's sheep, and well, I don't have words for it, let's say it's incredible and wonderful. I have never seen anything like it in Finland, because the breeders shear twice a year, and because they breed for meat. The Gotland cross is also Jodys. It's soft and silky, a lovely wool. Jody also sent me two hand combed mini tops from a darker Gotland x which I forgot to take a photo of.

Thank you so much Jody!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wow 2 packages in one day!
    Thank you for the lovely wool you sent me.
    We shall do another someday I am sure :-)

  2. I'm so jealous! I envy you your "sheep things" and I just love cormo. When I was first learning, it was the first kind that worked the way it was supposed to for me.
    Kate (in Texas)

    1. Yes, I will enjoy it :) That wool makes me feel there's hope for the world - to express it a bit pompously. People tend their sheep and end up with wool like that. Grandiose.