måndag 20 augusti 2012


These two ladies are so fun :) Last time I saw them they were making crochet graffiti at the museum where I spun a couple of times this summer.

They covered a stone with lace. The lady in the red dress is one of the museum's guides.

"Smile with your ass, you're being photographed!" shouted the other when I was taking a pic of her friend's graffiti back.

I was spinning that day, so I didn't see how much graffiti they actually had time to make. I saw a pole with knitting, but someone else has done that I think.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh Hillevi. I´m laughing.

    Everything we say is not for print...

    The three poles beside Hemmersgården was our project in july. Same fun ladies :)


  2. Well, you better wisper next time :D Thanks for making ME laugh!