lördag 28 april 2012

Shawl yarn and rhubarb

This is meant to become a Shipwreck:

The skein is not washed, but as I can't wash it yet I show it anyway. It's BFL/silk (50/50) from Ullaffären, a wonderful fiber combination of excellent quality. Sadly Renee doesn't have any more of it. It may be that my yarn is too thin. It's 345 grams, 1340 meters, 3-ply. And it all fitted on to one WooleeWinder bobbin! OK, if it's too thin, I'll spin another yarn from something else. I love spinning, if you haven't noticed ;)

In the garden shy little red hats are showing amongst the withered remnants of the leaves from last year:
I won't clean up around them yet, there will still be cold nights and the small rhubarb babies need their blankets. Beautiful colors!