torsdag 26 april 2012

Cushion and sweater

I knitted this cushion with yarn dyed by Sarah and Jon Dunn Ballam. I also used a few commercial sock yarns. Yes, that's a reflexion of me in the window :) The sun was shining when I took the photo, so imagine the colors deeper and stronger, as in the upper part of the cushion.

On the other side is the first item I ever dyed with plants. I learned how to dye with madder in a workshop some ten years ago, and only now found a companion for the fabric.

 Kasper thinks it's nice. Me too!

I also finished the sweater I started knitting i January. The yarn is Jamieson & Smith's Jumper Weight, a lovely yarn. I love the feel of the yarn, rough and at the same time soft. Can be bought here: Jamieson & Smith. By the way, if you plan to go to Shetland Wool Week in October, you better start looking for accomodation today! Link to the week on J&S's site.

The lace design is one Margaret G. Walker's. In the sleeves I used a simple yo, k2tog through the back loop. That makes the holes better defined and in harmony with the garter stitch lace pattern. K2tog in the usual way would leave the holes more flat.

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