söndag 6 februari 2011

CVM. My Fiber Studies 7

I take part in the SpinDoctor Rare Wool Breed Challenge on Ravelry. My blog posts are tagged SpinDoctor. The challenge ends June 30th 2011             

The Sheep
                             Photo from Spin Off Magazine Summer 2009, p. 72

CVM, Californian Variegated Mutant is a subtype of Romeldale. The history of the sheep is a series of crossings including Corriedaly, Marsh Romney, American Rambouillet. The breed was called Romeldale, and was established in the 1950s. CVM was developed in the 1970s from a couple of colored sheep with badger face found in a flock. The status of the sheep is critical with only a few breeders.

The Wool

The wool is fine with much crimp in offwhite, brown, gary, black, moorit. It is used in all kinds of garments. It was developed for handspinners, and handspinners have taken it to their hearts.

My Experience

Preparation: I had a sample of raw fleece which I scoured and then combed with Louet one row mini combs. Usually CVM has much lanolin, but I didn't notice that in my small sample. It was easy to wash and easy to comb. I didn't try carding.


Wheel: Louet Victoria, standard flyer
Ratio: 1:13
WPI: 24 on my wpi-tool

I spun with a semi-woolen draw and plied a 3-ply yarn. The yarn is one of my very best, a lustrous, soft and still resilient yarn well suitable for socks or sweaters. I was surprised of how nice the finished yarn was.
Conclusions This fiber has been much praised, and I join the choir. I wonder how I could get a fleece or two? You don't find this in Europe, and shipping from USA has it's disadvantages. I'll solve it somehow.

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