torsdag 15 augusti 2013

Window doctor, tomatoes and beans, and a beautiful and determined dog

Hubby broke one of our window panes when mowing the lawn. How? Probably a flying stone. Our house is old, so it's not quite easy to repair a window. We have been thinking about how to fix the fourteen windows, and now we had to decide. I wrote about the glass here. We want to preserve the character of the building so we went to Mari Österblad in Björkö to ask for her opinion. She renovates old windows with traditional methods: Ikkunaverstas Pelargonia, Fönsterverkstad Pelargonia. She and her husband are both members of my guild Björken. They live in an old house that they are renovating using all their skills in old crafts. Their dog is very much a terrier, and a beautiful dog she is. Just look at that face, and the determined efforts to escape Mari's lap!

After the visit we're convinced that our windows need to be repaired by an expert. The wood is of the old, hard type that's so difficult to find nowadays, and the glass is handmade in most of them. This will be a project during the next years, one window at a time.

I wanted to see another part of the archipelago, so we drove to Sommaröhallen in Södra Vallgrund:

Hubby in Sommaröhallen

I knew there would be local crafts and food, but I didn't expect to meet a sheep farmer who breeds Ålandsheep and Finnsheep! I was very happy about that, especially because she's also interested in the wool, not only the meat. I hope to have more to report after the shearing season in September-October.

I also met a person from our own community, Viola Back. She came in with vegetables she had grown, and bread and cakes. She also had glutenfree chocolate Swiss roll, lucky me :) Look at the beautiful and interesting tomatoes, and the beans:

Veggie lunch tomorrow? Yes! Coffee and Swiss roll as desert? Yes, if there's any left.

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  1. What a lovely picture you have taken of our baby! Thank you for your visit at our place!