lördag 26 januari 2013

For my granddaughter

My first grandchild was born five days ago. A little girl! I'm so happy, need I say that?

I was spinning a thread I thought would become part of a yarn for my Certificate in Handspinning. I didn't know what fiber it was, except that my hands said it was Merino and something else. So I asked the dyer, Jon Dunn-Ballam of EasyKnits. Merino-Cashmere he said.

Perfect for a little girl! I changed my mind and Navajo plied to keep the colors for a selfstranding yarn. I like it very much, as I like most of what Jon dyes.

Now I'm planning what to knit from it. A vest? A small cardi? I'll let it wait for a couple of days until it talks to me.