onsdag 14 mars 2012


I had given up hope for today and started cooking pasta for lunch and baking cookies when the postwoman drove up on our yard. Package! Package! Eeeeh! From HansenCrafts.

It's beautiful. It's so well manufactured. It's small. I love it. The wood is cherry.

The WooleeWinder bobbins are HUGE! I love the WooleeWinder too. I'm spinning Shetland. The other bobbins on the kate are the small high speed bobbin, and the bigger standard bobbin for Louet Victoria.

Here's what I ate for lunch: pasta + fresh lemon juice + goat cheese. Simple and easy to cook. Yes it's delicious cold also :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Your lunch sounds delicious and healthy :-)
    Happy spinning!!

  2. Så fin den är! Och körsbär och allt.