torsdag 3 november 2011

I love mushrooms

Walking the dog in the autumn takes a long time. I love the autumn, there's so much to see. In November it's usually been snowing a few times so everything is grey and brown on the ground, but this autumn is mild with no snow so far. There are lots of mushrooms you don't usually see. The vegetation is still green in some places, but there are also the pale yellows and browns I love so much.

Here's what I saw yesterday. The first mushroom was someone's lunch. Probably a magpie, they are so curious:

In the garden my wild teasel has decided it's spring and started growing new plants:
Wouldn't it be better to do that on the ground?

The house plants are still pretty. This is Oxarv, an old Swedish pelargonium:

The Streptocarpus I stole from Sarah shows us two pretty flowers:
This glowing beauty I took from mother in law's summer house about ten years ago:

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